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Maze Gordon Ramsay

Everyone has come across the name Gordon Ramsay at one point. Culinary lovers know him as multi-Michelin starred chef, business people respect him for owning a string of successful restaurants around the world and TV fans identify him as an “f-word” loving scot.

Recently we had the pleasure of dining at one of Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurants, Maze. Located in the heart of London’s district of Mayfair, it serves an innovative mix of modern European cuisine with an Asian twist. It features a large bar with an inviting lounge area and it is the perfect restaurant for business lunches, date nights and fancy girls nights out.maze gordon ramsay

You really have to hand it to Gordon Ramsay, the service was impeccable and the food absolutely amazing. It was an undeniably perfect dining experience. And this is quite the accomplishment as people would set the bar of expectation even higher because they know Ramsay from Kitchen Nightmares. Naturally one would try and pick on an ever so slight flaw, but to be very honest, the only “flaws” that we could make out was simply some small and subtle “tricks of the restaurant trade”.

  • Once you arrive you will be asked to wait at the bar until your table is ready. This little trick will make you spend on alcohol at the bar. You can avoid spending more by asking to be shown to your table immediately (in case the restaurant isn’t too busy).
  • After a set-menu you will actually feel quite full. The trick here is that you will receive big portions of different starters to fill you up whilst the main dish is less generous.
  • You will be asked if you would like to have the coffee or tea with your dessert or afterwards. Beware the question will sound like the coffee or tea is included in your menu, which is not the case. So just keep that in mind.

As pointed out we had a pleasant experience and the only thing left to do was having some fun and think what Gordon would say about his own dishes if he had to judge them. Let us know in the comments below what you think he might have said.

maze gordon ramsay


maze gordon ramsay

Tuna tartare roll

maze gordon ramsay

Salmon tacos, Baby spinach, Duck steam buns

maze gordon ramsay

Red Miso bream

maze gordon ramsay

Cinnamon chocolate

maze gordon ramsay

Matcha tiramisu

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